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Clrsal France is specialized in producing electrical appliances, electrical products. Since the inception of conduct to uphold the quality, service and winning business philosophy, trying to build national electrical industry brand names. Clrsal glorious history of France is continuously upgrade the quality, technology continues to innovation, service continuity and progress of national electric history of struggle.

Company to market as a starting point, in-depth study evolutionary trends in consumer demand and product to product development and production; France Clrsal electrical consumer experience of many respected designers respect the human design, product not only has new ideas, can be further market and consumer recognition. Clrsal electrical products in France grasp of the market and with the majority of users and the many national authorities praise.

Companies start from the source to eliminate substandard material into the production line; and the use of international standard quality management system and a leading technology and equipment for manufacturing processes and product manufacturing; in the same profession took the lead through the ISO, CCC and other certifications, all products Precision of every single test.

Years years, the French Clrsal electrical uphold the "you think that we need to do" business philosophy of continuous innovation and progress, and continuously improve service levels, China has more than one billion families with the quality of long-lasting and stable electrical products.

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